Writing the perfect blog by Susie Spires Inspires Marketing

Quick Guide to Writing the Perfect Blog

Before you start Have a think about what you want the blog to achieve? Is it social shares or comments? Click-throughs to your web site? Or, possibly ranking on search engines (SEO)? Your objective is important in relation to the […]

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Sunara Spires Senior integrated direct response marketing at Inspires Marketing on the phone

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is any form of marketing that exists online. It encompasses all marketing activities that use an electronic device or the internet as a source of communicating a brand or sales promotional message. While traditional marketing occupies print ads, […]

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Susie Spires marketing consultant at Inspires Marketing playing wit her pets

Setting Core Values for your Business

Core values are what support your vision, shape the culture within your company and reflect your business values.  Core values are your company’s principles, beliefs, or philosophy. They can be reflected in the colours and fonts you use and the […]

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