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Every single interaction with your business contributes to how you are perceived.

No matter how large or small your business, a refreshing brand audit should become an annual ritual. The top 5 things to consider:

  • Is your image and that of your company honestly representative of your business?

Professional and formal or Fresh and Funky, how do you want people to think of you when they encounter you and your business assets?

Assets include everything from your logo, website, newsletters, social media and even your estimates and invoices. Sometimes allowing your image to become dated or not getting it quite right can impact on how much you can charge and whether those estimates are queried. It's worth looking at your competitors and assessing how you would stack-up in a brand parade?

  • What is the copy like on your website?

Have there been any changes in legislation in your sector that could impact on the way you describe your business? Or, have your skills and services developed since you last considered updating your web copy? Images are just as important; a professional branding shoot can refresh and revitalise a business and how it is perceived overnight.

  • How diligent have you been about creating social proof for your business?

Social proof is your digital footprint, sites like LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Business and Twitter etc. are all go to places when people are researching a company and very often the 1st point of contact prior to a website. It's thought these channels are more authentic and current to the business. And did you know that a well populated and updated Google My Business profile places you in the highlighted area at the top of the Google search engine rankings, over and above your 'local' competitors?

  • Are you using the most appropriate review sites and inviting reviews?

Whether it's Trustpilot, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or a site that's strong in your sector nobody wants to check out a company to find that their last review was in 2018. Rather than sending out a batch of invitations and getting a load of reviews all within a couple of days of each other, which can look very suspicious, set a weekly reminder and send small batches of invitations to friends, family (careful about the same surname though!), real clients, (why not)?

  • And finally, Spring into action with sharing your expertise

Building your organic/free sales and marketing effort isn't just about telling people what products or services you can supply. Now's a great time to share thought pieces or industry advise on your website through blogs or podcasts, videos on YouTube, send newsletters that are tailored to your different types of customers, post comments and share content on all your social networks. Always be positive and add value, you'll soon be rewarded for it.


I hope this guide to what to consider when keeping your brand fresh has been helpful? If you would like to take your brand or marketing to the next level, please get in touch and follow me at

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