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Setting Core Values for your Business

Core values are what support your vision, shape the culture within your company and reflect your business values.  Core values are your company’s principles, beliefs, or philosophy. They can be reflected in the colours and fonts you use and the photography you select to underpin your subliminal branding messages.

How to develop your core values

Finding a start point to generate your core values needs to be a collaborative process. Start by listing everything that is important to the way you’d like your company to be perceived by others and most importantly the cornerstones of how you want your company to behave. This list could be long so in order to generate a set of core values that can be remembered by all employees and adhered to, you will need to scrutinise your list and select the top four or five.

My process

Considering my own core values, I got some great ideas after listening to a webinar on Facebook so your inspiration can spring from the most unlikely places. My initial list was long so writing this Blog has encouraged me to refine this list and set my own business a primary set of values that I will operate by. This was my starting point.

  1. Courage - ready to open-up and reveal my real self, in my corporate Ad Agency days I was known as the iron lady, said yes to everything and hid my true feelings.
  2. Confidence - in my offering and years of expertise.
  3. Clarity - in whom I want to serve and what specifics I'm providing. Identifying that my perfect customer may not be you is a revelation.
  4. Connection - empathise with clients' frustrations and aspirations, be compassionate and understand all issues. Working client side after my years within the agency environment has truly opened my eyes.
  5. Content - share high-quality content to build genuine trust and provide support. If I want to give something for free then that is fine, but if I want to charge then my going rate is great value and will be appreciated.
  6. Consistency - remain focused on building strong relationships through regular cross-media connections and not allowing my network to feel unlove.
  7. Conversion - weather lead generation or sales conversion, set out with clear objectives and a way of measuring sales, data analytics is still a private passion.
  8. Class - integrity, quality and outstanding service always and without question.
  9. Contribution - give easily, to both customers and community, back to that thought that giving advise for free is fine, I shouldn’t question my decision.
  10. Continuing education – keep pace with how best to explore new developments in marketing, the digital landscape is forever changing but in a good way.
  11. Community - build a network of likeminded people, turn competitors into collaborators who can support and facilitate growth.
  12. Commitment - hard work, invest time and strategic effort to build interest in me, my services and my business.
  13. Create a life balance - to make everything worthwhile.
  14. Competition - feed my hunger for results-driven marketing and never lose sight of this passion.

Refining core values

Deciding on my 5 core values to stick up on my office wall will evolve as my business and the needs of my clients change over time, however for now starting 2020 with solid values will allow me to understand what drives my business and feeds my enthusiasm.

  • Class – high standards in advice, service and output
  • Commitment - to achieving measurable results
  • Community – support my peers and suppliers
  • Continuous development – thrive from new technologies
  • Contentment – positivity, everything should be a joy personally and for my clients

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