Guide to creating powerful ads, posters and posts

How many times have you seen an overcomplicated, overpopulated and busy ad, poster or social media post? It can be an immediate turn-off. If it’s too difficult to get the info you need from any medium it’s easier just to ignore it, swipe it away or walk on by. Inspired by Clear Channel the out of home media provider I’ve brought together their years of expertise and my response marketing insights into a handy guide. Here are easy ways for your ad, poster or post to grab attention.

1. Make your headline the star

Your headline should always stand out, seek attention and be easy to read quickly. After all, it is the main part of your message. Will your headline be funny? Shocking? Ask a question?

2. Give your creative context

If you see the name of your town or city in a poster, ad or post, it’ll make you pay more attention. So, add in a detail that speaks directly to your audience to maximise your results.

3. Choose your font to fit your brand image

Make sure you choose clear, easy to read fonts and don’t use more than 2 or 3 in your design. Remember that your design and the fonts you choose say a lot about the kind of business you are. Avoid ‘Comic Sans’ if you’re a bank, but similarly, steer clear of ‘Times New Roman’ if you’re a daycare centre.

4. Message Hierarchy

This is my favourite, good communication follows a hierarchy, guiding the reader through all of the elements in your design. If possible, try to: –
a) Attract – Use a standout headline that creates interest and a desirable, aspirational image to attract your audience.
b) Body Copy – Use concise body copy to convey your value message or benefits to add some enthusiasm.
c) Call to Action – the reader needs to know what’s expected of them so ask for their response in a call to action; like swipe-up, a web address or phone number.

5. Colour that speaks your brand language

It’s important to reflect your brand and build a visual identity for your company even if you don’t have any brand guidelines. It’s amazing what influence colour can have. Of course, there are loads to choose from, just make sure your colour choice marries your brand purpose with your advertising theme.

6. Use real people

Just like contextually relevant copy, having beautifully photographed local or “real” people can help increase the impact and memorability of your campaign. No celebs or library images allowed here. Cool fact – 47% higher engagement with ads that feature real people. Get ready for your moment of fame!

7. Use all of your space

Large images can convey lots more than large amounts of copy. Use a big image to say what you can’t fit in concise body copy.

Choose images with negative space though… you need room to place a bold headline and add some body copy. To test if your copy will work – do the distance test. Print your social media post, ad or poster on a sheet of A4 and check if you can read it across the room. And, if no one is watching, run past it and see how much of it you can read… This is how it feels for a social media post in full scrolling battle, an ad being skimmed past in a magazine or a roadside poster at 30 miles per hour.

Some great tips on designing ads, posters and creating powerful social media posts. Do you feel inspired to create something new?

Remember good marketing requires a balanced mix of relevant marketing channels aimed at your perfect target audience. If you crave support and clarity with what you should and should not be doing, want to grow your business and attract the customers you deserve, please get in touch.

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